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Item No#504880
Price$68.00 $38.00
size width   
12cm  4 3/4"
29cm  11 1/2"
13cm  5"
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This is a Katsuoboshi Kezuri,bonito shaver dated around Showa 21(1,946).
Bonito is used a lot in Japanese traditional food and it is shaved into flakes with the use of this which is a bladed wooden utensil in the shape of a box, similar to a woodworking hand plane, but with a drawer to catch the flakes. The flakes themselves are called hana-katsuo, or kezuri-bushi. To keep it fresh, store in an airtight container.
It is made of one of the finest wood,Keyaki which has fabulous wooden grains througout.There is a
plane inside and has a hole to store it perfectly.
Please enjoy all details on more pictures.
Due to use and age,brade is rusty,so it probably can not be used anymore,and some rims are chipped and has cracks,also there are some scratches and stains,but as a whole it is in very good condition and still has little bit of smell of bonito(sorry if you don't like it!)
It will be the best eye catching home decor!

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